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Re: Controversy

---"Roger A. Stephenson" <roger@dtgnet.com> wrote:

We, the members of this
> forum, are subscribed in an effort to share information in a
> manner. If we are not allowed to assimilate information from all
sources we
> are not scientists. This is not opinion but fact. Disallowing such
posts as
> we recently saw is clearly an easy way to deal with such matters,
but is it
> the best way? 

Maybe not.  But the people who run the list, for no charge, who put in
the time to administer it, and who periodically play police officer to
make sure that it remains more-or-less a dinosaur list, have made a
call on this and we may as well show our appreciation for their
efforts by respecting that call.  

I'm on a few unmoderated lists and I appreciate the restraint
generally shown on this list as a result of the semi-moderation.


"In our youths, our hearts were touched with fire."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes


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