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Re: landing in non-cycads

I wrote:

<<Not to put bats down, they're really cool, especially brown bats and
other megachiropterans, but gliders are really the more effecient at
this sort of leaping into trees.>>

Betty wrote:

<um...isn't a flying fox a megachiropteran and a brown bat a
microchiropteran?  Or have they dropped our wimpy US bats such as the
Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown bat (microbats) into some other

  Betty's right: what I was actually referign to was a big brown bat;
what I first thought of as a megachiropteran appears to be a very
large microchiropteran, which small ears and a very unmodified nose
(it looked like a megachiropteran, just very small and the head does
look similar to micros), and I don't know much of the differences
between the two groups. Matt's refs on mirco polyphyly may have
something to say, but anyway, I have only a few things on bats, and
most of these are on micros. Sorry.

Jaime A. Headden

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