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     Here are a couple things of interest that have come up and should 
     interest folks on this list:
     1)  D.L. Brinkman, R.L. Cifelli, and N. J. Czaplewski.  1998.  First 
     occurrence of _Deinonychus antirrhopus_ (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from 
     the Antlers Formation (Lower Cretaceous: Aptian-Albian) of Oklahoma.  
     Oklahoma Geological Survey Bulletin 146, Univ. of OK, Norman, 27 pp.  
     It's a nice little study, with more evidence that _Deinonychus_ really 
     enjoyed eating _Tenontosaurus_.  And there are measurements of pedal 
     phalanges, which makes my heart beat a little faster.  Dan Brinkman is 
     a former undergrad student of mine; we did studies of tyrannosaur 
     teeth together in days of yore.
     2)  I don't have the complete reference for the following, but Gordon 
     Grigg and one of his students have a study of the thermoregulatory 
     physiology of salt-water crocodiles coming out very soon in the 
     _Journal of Experimental Biology_.  More gigantothermy stuff, with an 
     interesting twist that I will let y'all discover for yourselves.  They 
     have data for 1000-kg individuals, which for salties would be a rather 
     gutsy thing to do.