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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

At 06:30 PM 12/26/98 PST, Jessica Wagar wrote:

>If they both were published,etc on the same day...
>what would be the correct name?
>or how would the 'correct' name be decided?

Paleo death match.  To be held at the following SVP meeting.  Winner takes
priority.  (With background music from the Star Trek episode "The Gamesters
of Triskelion" playing during the fight).


I don't think that the ICZN rules take priority down to the Universal
Standard Time of publication (although they might: I don't have a copy in my

If they truly were demonstrably the same taxon, and both specimens truly
showed the diagnostic characteristics of that taxon, and they truly were
published on the same day, then that would be a sticky situation.

One possibility would be to get the parties together to write a compromise,
"first revisor"-type paper deciding which name would stay.

Another might be for both parties to agree upon a third party (person or
team) to chose for them.  Again, the publication of the choice would
certainly look a lot more fair if all parties concerned wrote it together.

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