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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

Tom Holtz wrote:
>If they truly were demonstrably the same taxon, and both specimens truly
>showed the diagnostic characteristics of that taxon, and they truly were
>published on the same day, then that would be a sticky situation.

In other fields, where priority is disputed because of similar or identical
publication dates, the "winner" usually is the one who submitted first, as
judged by the date received by the journal. Science, Nature, and Geology
list received dates, for instance. If the journal didn't list a receipt
date, you'd have to go back into their archives.

Receipt date probably would be the best criteria because issue dates
sometimes drift from actual times of publication, such as a "July" issue of
a journal showing up in October. Where this could really get sticky is in
near-simultaneous publications in journals published in different
languages, such as Chinese and English.

-- Jeff Hecht