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Re: Controversy

While I can appreciate that some subscribers may have differing
opinions on what this list should or should not do, I would suggest
that they write directly to Mickey (mrowe@indiana.edu) with their ideas
and concerns instead of to the list in general.   

Dinosaur list policies are in place to ensure that this forum is devoted 
to the scientific discussion of dinosaurs.  That is its charter.  There are 
other lists which discuss the sale of fossils (although I wouldn't try
advertising your fossil catalog on Vrtpaleo), and there are publications 
which list fossils that are available--museums are very aware of what 
is on the market and the going prices.  

Until Mickey is back sitting on the dinolist throne and making his
wise and infallible decisions, list policies are still in place and enforced: 
Please read: 
if you are unsure as to what the rules are. 

Dinolist Deputy on Duty