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Re: I'm wrong.

I am not sure how many times this has been pointed out, but this is a
SCIENTIFIC DINOSAUR LIST.  It is 'open minded' to ideas and or concepts that
merit purposeful discussion.  Amateurs, old, young, profession, and student
[like myself] paleontologists are all allowed on this list.  Any question
that is asked is generally answered by scientists from all walks of life; it
is unique in that is has evolved to generate numerous discussions.  Postings
have been about the science of Paleontology, which is defined in any
dictionary as "the study of ancient life"; in this list it concentrates but
is not limited to dinosaurs.  Now, if anywhere in the just said definition
you can find any evidence that supports that this is a list about robotics,
fantasy, or home business, then I am sure that no one will stop you from
discussing.  I know that there are many younger kids on this list who never
respond, simply see the caliber of dinosaur scientists out there willing to
share knowledge.  Now if you have a question about dinosaur science,
evolution, or other similar subjects feel free to post it.

As for "that I'm guessing you don't want me around anymore", you don't
understand the meaning of this list.  We want to have a common ground where
anyone of any social standing anywhere in the world can converge and have
someone to talk to about our shared 'obsession'.  When dealing with people
from other personal histories, backgrounds, countries, and levels of
education, you are bound to meet some who speak differently from yourself.
Many take this as 'up tight science types', but it only is such a
diverseness of levels.  People don't always waist time being congenial, or
polite; personally I wish more of the people I encounter would just come to
the point instead of beating around the bush by being polite.  You see many
of the scientists you see as gruff or rude are simply stating the facts as
directly and efficiently as possible.  When you lead incredibly busy lives,
you have to be good at fast and effective communication.

"All you have to do is point me in the direction of a more open-minded list,
I'll unsub, and be on my way."
I am afraid that you don't understand science.  You obviously found this
list with a computer, therefore you can find another, however be advised, if
you find a list willing to diverge into other disciplines unrelated, it will
be hardly a dinosaur list.  The level of information depends on the
information discussed, and if it goes into robotics, or personal
advertisements, then it will not have the level of scientific discussion
found here.  As for open-minded, you clearly need to spend some time in a
library doing good old fashioned research as to what science is, the search
for truth.  We are in this case all involved in a joint study of dinosaurs,
in a setting that allows all viable and serious considerations of ALL
theories.  To have a large group of people all of whom disagree with at
least someone else, yet there is no personal slams, just empirically
supported proof offered as backing, well let us just say that no country on
Earth accomplishes the same task.

"(I'm also wondering, do you consider other dino lists as competition?  Just
a thought...)"
Again you do not understand science.  This is about scientific progress of
mankind, not some sports team or political rally.  We are looking for truth
in the past, an understanding of the present as well as the future, by
seriously studying the past.  When one is operating on that level, how can
a concept such as 'competition' exist?  No one gets a thing out of this list
except the pleasure of knowing that someone out there, a great number of
someones, share your ideas, and regardless if they believe in them or not
they are willing to listen and discuss them, in a serious and scientific
manner.  Competition?  I doubt anyone on this list would say that it exists

If you are looking for a list of technology, then do a search for technology
lists.  If you want to spend time reading and discussing dinosaur science
with quite brilliant individuals from all walks of life, countries,
professions, et cetera, then use this list.  This is one of the most
powerful tools I have seen when it comes to Dinosaur research, and although
it has times where it diverges into non related fields, 98% of it is
dinosaur science.  It is an opportunity to make an impact on the science of
Dinosaur Paleontology, that is if you simply learn how to use it.

The direction you look for is in your hands and mind.

~Brandon Haist
Student Dinosaur Paleontologist.