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Re: News to me

Dinogeorge wrote:

>>From the New York Times science section, available through AOL, in an article
>on global warming:
>"Researchers from the University of Rochester, digging in fossil beds in the
>Canadian Arctic that date 90 million years, have discovered fish and turtles
>and, most important, the bones of several champsosaurs, crocodilelike
>So now even champsosaurs are dinosaurs, eh?

That's a rather odd mistake, since a central point of the paper was that
champsosaurs were so closely related to crocodiles that they were
necessarily cold-blooded, and could not have lived that far north if the
climate was cold at the time. The authors noted that dinosaur bones have
been found that far north, but said that was not definitive evidence of
climate because the dinosaurs _could have been_ warm-blooded. -- Jeff Hecht