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NYT Champsosaur piece

Fascinated by the snippets, but just too lazy to get off your big duff
and look for yourself?  Ok then, here it is in its glorious entirety:

The New York Times, Science Times, December 29, 1998
Copyrights acknowledged and spoken to softly and soothingly.

Ancient Global Warming

Global warming is often thought of as a product of the 20th century,
the result of industrialization that has released more carbon dioxide
and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. But in fact, the
world has often gone through warm periods throughout its history. Now
there is new evidence to confirm one such warming spell -- more than
90,000 centuries ago. 

Researchers from the University of Rochester, digging in fossil beds
in the Canadian Arctic that date 90 million years, have discovered
fish and turtles and, most important, the bones of several
champsosaurs, crocodilelike dinosaurs. 

The champsosaur needed extended periods of warmth to survive and
reproduce. Judging by the number and size of the specimens found, the
researchers, writing in a recent issue of Science, estimate that the
ancient Arctic must have been downright balmy, with summer
temperatures in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit, and winters that were
rarely below freezing. 

The fossils date from a time that followed hard on the heels of a
period of intense, worldwide volcanic activity that released huge
amounts of carbon dioxide. Scientists had long thought that this
period must have produced warmer temperatures, and the fossil find
suggests that they are right. 


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