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Comments on Chinese Revolution.

I would like to thank everybody for the comments on my "New Chinese
Revolution" painting (feathered therizinosaurs, avian and protoavian
Chinese fauna).

And Mike T. Keesey got it right to the point with his observation that the
therizinosaurs seemed "Panda lookalikes": I wanted to stress the
hypothetical 'mammal convergence' that Dale Russell suggested a long time
I still don't know the details of the new paper that is about to be
published, but I've got comments (from a reliable source) that the
'feathers' are more 'bristle-like' (similar to Sinosauropteryx)... at the
same time I've got other comments that it had arm feathers like Caudipteryx.
We'll have to wait.
In the meantime, I reconstructed the animals as a cross between ground
sloths and geese. And as Greg Paul described them: since they were also
"the Sumo Dinosaurs", a fat exposed belly like theirs (I reasoned) should
have had some sort of 'armor'.
I might be wrong of course and I'm bracing myself for changes when the time
comes. But that's another point that I wanted to make, the 'risk factor':
we mostly know dinosaurs from the bones... there are so many possibilities
that these animals could have looked like. So many ornaments, skin textures
and colors. The skeleton of a lion and a tiger are virtually the same. We
recognize them from the external differences.
And rumours abound that there will be even more strangest surprises to be
disclosed in the near future. Let's open the imagination into the realms of
'possible natural weirdness' of the Dinosauria.

Next ones will be Suchomimus and Archaeopteryx. Any requests?

Thanks again and have a best 1999.

Luis Rey

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