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Re: Controversy

Roger wrote ,on 12/29/98 :

> What started all this, for me, was not Allan's message, but a pair of
> messages posted here on 12/1/98 by none other than Mary herself. ( I have
> waited until she responded to this thread before going public with this
> The first message was titled "Terror of the South", and the second, "More
> on Terror of the South". As has been suggested to me off-list, go check
> the archives. These messages detailed the sale of the Acrocanthosaurus by
> the Black Hills Institute to the University of North Carolina, named web
> sites, and even quoted the price paid. I purposely left out direct
> reference to this in my first posting on this subject, but must now use
> these points to focus minds. Mary's latest posting (12/28/98) suggested
> such topics be directed to Mickey. The trouble is all these messages to
> which I cite were posted openly and therefore should be discussed openly.
> ___________________________________
> Mary wrote; ( or posted to this list )
> >the museum acquired Acro last year with $3 million from anonymous
> >donors.
> ___________________________________

Couple of problems here , folks :
Does anyone remember John Lennon's statement " The Beatles are more popular
than God ..." from back in 1966 , when this statement was taken totally out
of context ? Same applies here . The article in question was written by a
museum staff writer named Jane Ruffin . The statement in question
constitutes one line of text and refers to how and where the museum
acquired the fossil , for the information of the general public .
The museum was one of the top bidders for "Sue"  , so peripherally Acro is
related to that transaction , which this list was allowed to discuss . Mary
posted the article as a fellow lister , Mickey would have made the call if
it violated the rules . Obviously it didn't . Mary has the unenviable task
of making such decisions in Mickey's absence . I don't want that job , do
you ?
BTW, UNC is the university where Fedducia teaches , The North Carolina
Museum of Natural Sciences is the home of Acro and Dale Russell . 
Regards , 
Truett Garner