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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

Jessica Wagar, the Gobi Gal, wrote:

<<If they both were published,etc on the same day...what would be the
correct name? or how would the 'correct' name be decided?>>

and Paleo Tom replied:

<Paleo death match. To be held at the following SVP meeting. Winner
takes priority. (With background music from the Star Trek episode "The
Gamesters of Triskelion" playing during the fight).

  Sounds like an idea. :) I'd pay to watch, really. :)

<Another might be for both parties to agree upon a third party (person
or team) to chose for them.  Again, the publication of the choice
would certainly look a lot more fair if all parties concerned wrote it

  This would be my opted-for choice. But also, wouldn't there be some
sort of checks and balances that would prevent this? They're in the
same formation, two crews; wouldn't the two hear about the other's
sauropod? Might be interesting, though, a death match over who gets to
pick the name!

  Might have helped to sort out the *Cristatusaurus* tale, where just
as fast as the name is published, an author (well, 13 in this case;
Sereno et al. 1998) turn right around and make it a junior synonym.

Jaime A. Headden

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