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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

>   This would be my opted-for choice. But also, wouldn't there be some
> sort of checks and balances that would prevent this? They're in the
> same formation, two crews; wouldn't the two hear about the other's
> sauropod? Might be interesting, though, a death match over who gets to
> pick the name!
>   Might have helped to sort out the *Cristatusaurus* tale, where just
> as fast as the name is published, an author (well, 13 in this case;
> Sereno et al. 1998) turn right around and make it a junior synonym.

No, they didn't and can't make it a junior synonym. Cristatusaurus came
out well in advance of Suchomimus, and if they made it a junior synonym,
Cristatusaurus would be the correct name for Sereno et. al. And he knows
this and thats why he said it's non diganostic, or nomen dubium for
those who don't know.