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Re: Blanket I'm Sorry

It was written...

>  This subject matter of list rules is now off my plate
>  forevermore.

The following is not directed Roger in particular but it suffieces for the

Thank God! 
Those who cannot abide by or agree with the edicts of the list administrator
should follow his lead or pack up and leave! 

Here's the door. don't let it hit you in the ass!

send a note to Listproc (not to the dinolist) and in the body , type
UNSUBSCRIBE <your name here>.

For those who want to do other lists, do a Damn websearch and stop wasting
bandwidth with these whinings for an alternate medium!

Adios, Sianara, Chow, and Hasta Lavista Baby!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies