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Re: Life Beyond the Cladogram

The Aussie Crockie wrote:
<From my experience, don't even think of submitting a paper to JVP
unless it has a cladogram. On the other hand Paleontology and JP are
less committed to having cladograms and many museum journals are happy
with any description provided it is competantly written. I have to
agree that there would seem to be plenty of scope for papers that are
purely descriptive without having a phylogenetic analysis, but some
editors would think otherwise.>

  This seems an odd rule to have in the system (that is, JVP's
system). Does this then mean that unless one can't get a hold of a
PAUP or similar phylogenetic clade compiler, the paper's out the
window (for JVP)? I'd think the morphological analysis had as much, if
not more, weight. Yeah, I'm sure the clade as computer-compiled is
pretty strong for others, and I agree that Sereno et al. (1998) could
have done much better, especially in the morphology in that paper,
which I felt was sorely limited. Holtz (1994a,b; 1995) are excellent
examples of how this analysis can work when the characters used in the
analysis are really distinctive. Dodson (1995) based his analysis on
*Avaceratops* on skull morphology and RFTRA in PAUP, but that seems to
correllate with others' trees and clades that are not so strict (or
even use cladistics, such as Lull (19?), and Lull and Wright (193?),
so I'm not frowning on the [computer] system.

  There are quite a few papers out there that do not seem to use PAUP
or even similar, and are pretty strong in my view, when it comes to
reconstructing relationships. I've been putting more weight into my
character distribution and morphology in analyzing my Mongolian
friends, and I need to know if there is something missing in all this;
I can't get a hold of PAUP or similar without feeding my arm and leg
to a shark, so until I have the opportunity to get this, I'll see what
I can do with it, but...

  There's a saying: "Cover all your bases."

  Anyway, _Molodoy i Bol'shoye Novom God_, everyone!

  PS: it's not religious.

Jaime A. Headden

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