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Re: NoMeNcLaTuRe Question

Tracy Ford wrote:

<No, they didn't and can't make it a junior synonym. Cristatusaurus
came out well in advance of Suchomimus, and if they made it a junior
synonym, Cristatusaurus would be the correct name for Sereno et. al.
And he knows this and thats why he said it's non diganostic, or nomen
dubium for those who don't know.>

  For one, the premaxillae are unfused as in Baryonyx and Suchomimus,
such that they appear to be sub-adult or juvenile. While the shapes of
the alveoli are interesting (Campos and Milner, 1993: Angaturama
paper) this still suggests that they could develop into longer
premaxillae as seen in the more complete skulls. I do appologze for
bungling the systematics there, but I've had my brain on Russian for a
month now. Someone suggested some people in paleo choose a second
lamnguage; Russiyoskoy ya!

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