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Re: Eustreptospondylus Q's

In a message dated 12/30/98 3:07:34 AM Eastern Standard Time,
qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

<< Number two, the animal had a longer tibia than a femur, and a pretty
 slender metatarsus, showing that it had the ability to run better than
 some of the even bigger fellows that were around, and much better than
 oviraptorosaurs, let me tell you. Similar to some tyrannosaurid and
 troodontid leg proportions, in fact, as well as allosaurids. The ilium
 bone of the hip was pretty long, but not particularly, and tall,
 similar to *Coelophysis* and *Marshosaurus*, suggesting a strong
 iliofemoralis muscle, which would have stabilized the leg in a forward
 lunge and helped draw up the femur better than more primitive ilia
 (like coelophysids) show. Yeah, it was a runner. >>

Some animals are sprinters while others are up to a long chase.  Are there
physical characteristics which would make it possible to distinguish between
the two types of runner?  Your reference to a 'lunge' might indicate that it
is possible.  Thanks.