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Re: Eustreptospondylus Q's

The gait that Jaime mentions involving a series of leaps interupting a
fast run is called pronging (or bounding).
Could a quadrapedal dinosaur do this pronging?  Or would the weight be
too much on landing, what with acceleration added to the regular mass of
the animal.

-Betty Cunningham

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
>   Cheetahs run faster, but gazelles hop; special nasal and respirtory
> and heart adaptations allow the gazelle to conserve heat as it runs,
> and specializations in the skeleton, tendons, and musculature allows
> it more bang for its buck. This is normally how a rabbit can outrun a
> fox or lynx (occasionally) as well as the shorter body allows it a
> much better turning radius that flexible backed carnivores lack. But I
> digress (this is not the Mammal List, after all :) ).