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Re: Lessem takes a serious look at G. carolinii (was Megaraptor)

Larry Dunn wrote (in his usual entertaining, somewhat sarcastic manner):
>        BIGGER  THAN  T. REX!!!!!!!!!
>Apparently the message was not getting out, so Lessem wrote a book about
>it in an attempt to get this important piece of scientific information
>out to the public.  The title of the book is:
>        BIGGER  THAN  T. REX!!!!!!!!!!
>Has anyone seen this?  Does it grant to G. carolinii that elusive title,
>"the MEANEST DINOSAUR?"  I note that the present holder of such is
>Megaraptor, described IIRC as "quite possibly the meanest dinosaur" on
>the site.  What is a mean dinosaur?
>Interested in hearing about the book,
>ps: the book seems likewise unsuited to alone shoulder Lessem's tidings,
>as Discovery Channel will soon air a program written by Lessem called
>BEYOND T. REX, about G. carolinii et al.

Sounds like an interesting show though, if only because they'll probably
show some G. carolinii, C. saharicus and T. rex material on a high-quality
filmed production.

As far as I can tell, those things were so close in size (~45' long) that
it would depend on the specific individuals as to which one happened to be
bigger at the time.  Though Giganotosaurus does seem to have a really long
head, that of C. saharicus seems to fall in between the measurements for
Sue, and the animal indicated by the Berkeley Maxilla (and perhaps the
Rigby-saurus).  Tyrannosaurus still seems to have the strongest, most
powerful and massively built head of any predatory dinosaur.  Nothing else
known has lower jaws of which the rear surfaces are as big as the back of
the head!

Seth A. Ellestad.