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"Weird Question" - Thank you - NO Dino Content whatsoever.

Sorry to take up space, but we got SO MANY answers this was easier.
You needn't reply to this, but if you do, please do so OFF LIST as this
was not anticipated to be such a popular question and there are better
things to take up the listserver with.

Now... on with the show.

There is still a confusion which may well result from the way the
question was phrased: let's, briefly, try again.

Some folks (not those of you who answered), apparently, do not know the
difference between their browser and a search engine. Some computers,
apparently, come with a "Personal Start Page" predefined. This leads
some users to utilize a Search Engine search instead of entering the URL
in the appropriate box in the browser itself.

One list member at first indicated that this was their process, but
later explained, more clearly that they did, in fact, know how to type a
URL in the proper place.

This is all prompted by some totally mystifying requests that we have
gotten from people who, apparently, found us through this list: they
refer to things like "The Yahoo Server" and make statements like "I
can't find your URL when I type the URL into Excite."

This seems to indicate that they don't exactly understand how a browser
works in the first place, nor exactly where to type a URL, or how to
bookmark. We are interested in knowing this only for educational
purposes: eg. how do we make it easier for everyone?

Some people apparently rely TOTALLY on the links that many of us include
in our e-mails that refer to the many excellent (and some not so
excellent) dinosaur sites.  If the links are not there and
clickable...they are clueless about how to proceed. An interesting

Thanks again, and, as usual, this turned out to be more complicated than
it seemed at first blush.

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