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Re: "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" versus "Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia"

>     Comments please concerning the comparative values of the "Encyclopedia
> of Dinosaurs" editted by Phil Currie and Kevin Padian {$99.95} versus the
> "Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia" by Donald Glut {$145}.
     First of all, the neat thing about the trio is that they are not
identical in function and format.  The Complete Dinosaur serves as a great
introductory text to anyone interested in transcending the limited
information and somewhat skewed viewpoints of of few popular books that
seem to form the staple of some of the postings on the list, and get into
dinosaurs objectively.  Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs covers some of the same
ground, but has more, shorter sections that go into a little more
technical detail; a true reference book.  Dinosaurs: the Encyclopedia
focuses on and deals almost exclusively with individual GENERA, and so
complements the other two.       
     I've only gotten a peek at Glut's book.  It certainly
looks good, but I'm told it is riddled with little errors; Glut is working
on a second edition, but it might have been better if he had packaged up
his genera in groups and sent them off to specialists to review and edit.
I think once it gets cleaned up a little it will turn out to be a pretty
neat book, but I think I might want to wait for a later edition before I
get it myself, unless I weaken.  The figures, both photographs and art,
are in black in white but are quite phenomenal.  
     The strength of Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (and for that matter, the
Complete Dinosaur) is that it was written by professionals, and in fact
differenct sections were written by specialists in those fields. I think
it a great bona-fide reference book for both professionals and laypeople.
True dionosaurphiles will splurge and buy both, and have no further excuse
to cite 'evidence' for thier viewpoints based on one or two certain 
popular books (and movies).      
LN Jeff