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Re: Daspletosaurus?

At 01:29 PM 2/1/98 -0600, se1aard@itis.com wrote:
>Say, what is the currently accepted relationship of Daspletosaurus?
>Seperate genus?  Subgenus of Tyrannosaurus?  Or, instead, subgenus of

Separate genus, but closer to Tyrannosaurus than to Albertosaurus or

>How many species in the genus?  Just *torosus*?

Two or three: more on that later.

>And--is it
>possible that Trannosaurus itself became larger because of the seeming
>shift in the duckbill/ceratopsian ratio, and the resultant need to go after
>more dangerous prey?

Possibly, although T. bataar is quite large in an environment lacking
ceratopsids (although possessing titanosaurid sauropods!).

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