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Re: Daspletosaurus?

> is it possible that Trannosaurus itself became larger because of the
> seeming shift in the duckbill/ceratopsian ratio, and the resultant need
> to go after more dangerous prey?

     I've wondered about this trend for a while, as to if it really
exists, not just among dinosaurs but reptiles in general.  Tyrannosaurus,
Triceratops, Anatotitan and Edmontosaurus are certainly large compared to
Judithian North America dinosaurs, but what about other dinosaurs, and
other reptile groups?  _Mosasaurus_ has been touted as the largest
mosasaur, although I've learned that _Tylosaurus_ got as large.  An then
there is _Queztocoatlus_. How to the giant crocodilians of the Late
Maastrichtian compare with, say, big Judithian crocodilians?  IS there a
general trend among late Maastrictian reptiles to get especially huge
compared to related late Campanian forms?    

LN Jeff