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Re: Deinosuchus basics

Tom asked the dinosaur:

>Exactly how big was Deinosuchus?Did it live in salt or fresh water?

I am trying to find out that myself.  What I have learned so far is that it 
was probably around 12m, not 15m as some sources suggest.  Several other 
Mesozoic crocodylians (formerly known as crocodilians) were about the same 
length, none larger.  

Deinosuchus is known from freshwater deposits - it might have lived on land 
or entirely in the water, but most likely it was semiaquatic like living 
crocs.  The remains are very fragmentary.  With hindsight, that's what you'd 
expect for any large carcasse in a river inhabited by giant crocodylians.

Greg Paul has made or will make some estimates of the length and mass of 
Deinosuchus (among other creatures).  I emailed him, but haven't had a reply 
yet.  Most likely this is because my server lost the question on the way out 
or the answer on the way in - I'll ask again.

While I'm here, I might as well ask for his email address.  I had it on a 
floppy which has become corrupted. :-(  

                                                All the best,

                                                                Bill Adlam