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I'm presuming this is the first announcement on this list of the new 
hypsilophodontid genus and species..

_Notohypsilophodon comodorensis_ Martinez, 1997.

The reference for this taxon is..

MARTINEZ, RUBEN D. 1997. _Notohypsilophodon comodorensis_, un 
Hypsilophodontidae (Ornithischia: Ornithopoda) del Cretacico Superior 
de Chubut, Patagonia central, Argentina. IN BERTINI, R.J. 
(coordenador) _15th Congresso Brasileiro de Paleontologia, Boletin de 
Resumos_ , Unesp (Sao Paulo), p. 92.

Because my understanding of Spanish is limited to the word 'cerveza', 
I'm unsure of the details given in the abstract. An English title is 
also provided.


Reference for the recent _Cnemiornis_ paper I wrote about..

WORTHY, T.H. et al. 1997. _Journal of Zoology_ 243: 695-723.