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Re: Definition of "scavenging"

In a message dated 98-02-02 15:07:07 EST, Steve.Tomporowski@us.ms.philips.com

<< I think the de Camp book (yeah, I read it too) dates back to late sixties 
 (1968 comes to mind).  If I remember correctly, he had an opening scene 
 where a croc out-smarts a Tyrannosaur which he had mindlessly charging 
 around bellowing, having no clue that the croc pulled the carcass into the 
 water.  Pissed me off as a kid......;) >>

That's the scene. I don't have my copy handy to check, but according to a
bibliography I have, 1968 is indeed correct. In 1973 at the Toronto World
Science Fiction Convention, I got both Sprague and Catherine to sign my copy.
I handed him a printout of my computerized dinosaur checklist; Heaven knows
what he did with it.