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"plumed" fossils

Hi all. You know how it's thought that the mythological griffin may have its
origin in the fossils of Protoceratops?

I have a similar theory to propose.
 GSP's plumed renderings of dinosaurs is not new, but may go back to time
immemorial. The motif of feathered reptiles goes back to Babylon, where the
dragons Tiamat and the Greek Typhon displayed plumage.  The Egyptian solar
cobras and the Greek Ceres' chariot-driving dragons were also plumed. And the
Aztec god Quetzalcoatl means the "Feathered Serpent."

Could it be that the ancients found fossils of Sinosauropteryx and Sordes,
labeled them as reptilian "dragons," and then concluded that the fiber
integument was feathers? Maybe this is too much of a stretch, but it's
intriguing that ancient dragons had feathers and feathery wings instead of
leathery bat wings.

Thanks for your time, have a nice day!