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There is a 26.5 foot long Hell Creek _Edmontosaurus annectens_ specimen in
the Denver Museum of Natural History with a chunk missing from the neural
spines of the tail, ostensibly the result of having a predator bite it
(This is not news; I did a painting of this animal a literal decade ago).
The _Edmontosaurus_ obviously survived the attack, since the wound healed.
Are there any other contemporaneous predators large enough to have bitten
the hadrosaur from this angle? And if not, wouldn't that make
_Tyrannosaurus_ the likely suspect in the attack? Is there another
interpretation of this fossil that I haven't heard? This seems to me to be
a pretty good example of active hunting on the part of _T. rex_, totally
negating the "full-time scavenger" idea.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)