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> From: Brian Franczak <franczak@ntplx.net> wrote:
> There is a 26.5 foot long Hell Creek _Edmontosaurus annectens_ specimen
> the Denver Museum of Natural History with a chunk missing from the neural
> spines of the tail, ostensibly the result of having a predator bite it
> (This is not news; I did a painting of this animal a literal decade ago).
> The _Edmontosaurus_ obviously survived the attack, since the wound

For a good look at this specimen, see _Prehistoric Journey: A History of
Life On Earth_ by Kirk R. Johnson and Richard K. Stucky, ISBN
1-57098-145-4.  Pages 88-89 provide a two-page color spread of the
specimen, DMNH 1493, and the following two pages show a painting by Greg
Michaels which restores the appearance of the wounded (but healed) animal. 
Curiously, there is no discussion of the specimen in the text, but this
paperback coffee table book is much more visual than verbal.

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
"She finds favor in my eyes."