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Re. Deinosuchus basics

In my study of late early-cretaceous (aptian) tracks in Maryland, I have found a 19 cm-wide (7.5 inch) croc-like pes print [Pes designation is tentative because I suppose someone might interpret it as a manus in the presumption that a 5th toe is broken off the sandstone slab -- which I doubt, as it looks complete to me, but I'm no expert.]

Anyhow, Rob Weems, Greg Paul, and other more-knowledgeable persons who have visited the collection suggest it possibly could have been made by Deinosuchus. GSP1954@aol.com did a calculation of probable size of the print-maker, but I do not recall the result except that it was large enough as to maybe have been made by at least a 'teenage' Deinosuchus (sans sneakers!), if not an adult.

I send this information because the referenced track is definitely from a freshwater stream or lake-bed environment, not saltwater or marine. [It is from the "dinosaur corridor -- Baltimotr-to-Washington.] So, if the track was made by Deinosuchus, this particular one was a freshwater denizen, at least for that moment [(:-)]. John Schneiderman, in a recent posting, mentions a possible Deinosuchus from North Carolina (but later in the late cretaceous).

Part of a fossilized palm trunk was found within a few feet of this find, but either or both may have washed from upstream.

-- For what it's worth, if anything.

Ray Stanford