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Re: Pronunciations

At 06:47 AM 2/3/98 -0900, T.A. Curtis wrote:
>>Giganotosaurus sounding like "gigantic", they pronounced it like
>>it was the Irish dancing
>    I saw an Argentinian paleontologist (I don't think it was Bonaparte) on
>CNN pronounce it:  JEE-ga-NOT-ah-saurus.
>>Carcharodontosaurus sounded that the
>>coughing dinosaur.
>   I think its:  kar-KAR-ah-DONT-ah-saurus.
>   But I could be wrong.  :-)

   Just a reminder that the definitive guide (note the word guide) to
dinosaur, pterosaur, aetosaur, pterosaur, phytosaur, aves, rauisuchian and,
as soon as Ben gets out of indentured servitude to Microsoft(R), marine
reptile name pronunciation and translation is available in the Omnipedia at

Carcharodontosaurus Stromer 1931 "shark-toothed lizard"
kahr-KAR-o-DON-to-SAWR-us (Carcharodon great white shark (Gr. karkharodon
"jagged toothed") + Gr. sauros "lizard") (m) Stromer explains: named "for
its mainly Carcharodon-like teeth" in the upper jaw, "not recurved, almost
bilaterally symmetrical but with convex edges"; the teeth have distinctive
transverse bands and arcuate wrinkles near the crown margins. For
Megalosaurus saharicus Depret & Savornin 1927. A nearly complete skull
discovered in southeastern Morocco in 1995 is larger than that of
Tyrannosaurus, though more narrow with a smaller braincase. Theropoda
Carnosauria Carcharodontosauridae L. Cret. NAfr. 

Giganotosaurus Coria & Salgado 1995 "giant southern lizard"
jig-a-NOT-o-SAWR-us (Gr. gigas "giant" + Gr. notos "south" + Gr. sauros
"lizard") named to indicate a gigantic theropod (13 m. +) from South
America (Argentina); apparently longer and heavier than Tyrannosaurus.
Theropoda Carcharodontosauridae L. Cret. SA.

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