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Re: Definition of "scavenging"

> Ok I found one, Aublysodon (dinosaur encyclopedia glut&lessem )but so little
> known of it. The book suggests it may have been  a tyrannosaur but It had no
> tooth serrations. still it was only 15 long. Anatotitan grew up to 40 feet in
> length. 

     _Aublysodon_ has unserrated premaxillary teeth (as, I'm sure
Dinogeorge will mention, do some _Albertosaurus_, although Phil Currie
can apparantly tell the difference), but the lateral teeth are serrated.        
     Having browsed Berkeley's somewhat confusing web site yesterday,
could someone tell me if anyone is doing work up there on Mesozoic
archosaurs beside Kevin Padian, Mark Goodwin, and John Hutchinson?  How
about William Clemens, or is he mainly into Cenozoic mammals?       
     I learned some amazing things last night on the Discovery Channel.
_T.rex_'s forward facing eyes apparantly gave it IR vision like the alien
in PREDATOR!  Also, the sample size for Tyrannosaurus, 
Carcharodontosaurus, and Giganotosaurus is positively big enough that we
can say with certaintly which genus was bigger on the average using
largely reconstructed skull material from one or two specimens for the
latter genera. There were als some interesting speculations on the origens
of carnosaurs from someone who apparantly knows exactly what a
'megalosaur' is. To be fair, 'Beyond T.rex' has some really neat walking
big theropod sequences, interesting footage, and some intelligent
commentary and speculation, but it also couldn't resist some annoying
excesses.  Spare me the 'its all ok if it creates interest in
dinosaurs' speeches; if someone made a documentary saying all tigers were
habitual maneaters that wiped out entire villiages, or elephants could fly
by flapping thier ears hard enough in order to get people interested in
wildlife, I doubt they would get quite the same response.  Paleontology
isn't any less a science just because its more popular.   
     Anyway, I give 'Beyond T.rex" a B-, and I'll probably get it on
video eventually.  It had some neat stuff, so sue me.
LN Jeff