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Re: Pronunciations

Dr. Rodolfo Coria, a discoverer/namer of Giganotosaurus, does indeed pronouce
it with a Spanish color: Jee ga Note Oh saur us.

Americans, however, who are ALWAYS right, decided to pronounce it as though it
were Gigantic eg JIE Gan oh to Saur Us.

What does Dr. Coria know anyway?

The British, after all, pronounce Don Quijote (Quixote) DON QUICKS OAT unlike
those silly Spaniards who pronounce it Don Key Hoe Tay. What do they know in
Spain anyway?

T.A. Curtis wrote:

> >Giganotosaurus sounding like "gigantic", they pronounced it like
> >it was the Irish dancing
>     I saw an Argentinian paleontologist (I don't think it was Bonaparte) on
> CNN pronounce it:  JEE-ga-NOT-ah-saurus.
> >Carcharodontosaurus sounded that the
> >coughing dinosaur.
>    I think its:  kar-KAR-ah-DONT-ah-saurus.
>    But I could be wrong.  :-)
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