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Re: Pronunciations

>Dr. Rodolfo Coria, a discoverer/namer of Giganotosaurus, does indeed pronouce
>it with a Spanish color: Jee ga Note Oh saur us.
>Americans, however, who are ALWAYS right, decided to pronounce it as though it
>were Gigantic eg JIE Gan oh to Saur Us.
>What does Dr. Coria know anyway?

>T.A. Curtis wrote:
>> >Giganotosaurus sounding like "gigantic", they pronounced it like
>> >it was the Irish dancing
>>     I saw an Argentinian paleontologist (I don't think it was Bonaparte) on
>> CNN pronounce it:  JEE-ga-NOT-ah-saurus.

   I hope you don't think I quoted the Argentinian paleontologist's
pronunciation because I thought it was funny.  I used his pronunciation
because I thought it was right!

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