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Re: Pronunciations

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"Carcharodontosaurus Stromer 1931 
A nearly complete skull
discovered in southeastern Morocco in 1995 is larger than that of
Tyrannosaurus, though more narrow with a smaller braincase. Theropoda
Carnosauria Carcharodontosauridae L. Cret. NAfr. "

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Hi all -

        I have spoken to a paleo-sculptor who has talked with Paul Sereno
and his crew, who report that this last season spent in Africa has produced
a nearly complete _Carcharodontosaurus_ skeleton (smaller than the skull)
and a 70%-complete _Spinosaurus_ skeleton.  Looks like we may have some
details on these animals in the not-too-distant future!  Sorry if this is
old news to anyone!

                                -- Jerry D. Harris

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