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Re: Deinosuchus basics

>I heard somewhere (how's that for being scientific?) that the largest known
>Australian Saltwater Croccodiles were reported to be specimens just over
>30' long.   \

The *official* record for C. porosus is something around 20 feet.  The
30-foot record is based on measurements of a sandbar after the crocodile
had gone.  (It was actually from New Guinea, by the way).

The same is true for the other big modern croc, the Nile crocodile.  The
record for an American alligator is around 19 feet, and the Black caiman is
supposed to be as big, though the record there - extrapolated from a skull
- is around 16 feet.


Christopher Brochu

Department of Geology
Field Museum of Natural History
Lake Shore Drive at Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL  60605  USA