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Re: Re. Deinosuchus basics

>Anyhow, Rob Weems, Greg Paul, and other  more-knowledgeable persons who
>have visited the collection suggest it possibly  could have been made by
>Deinosuchus.  GSP1954@aol.com did a calculation of probable  size of the
>print-maker, but I do not recall the result except that it was large
>enough as to maybe have been made by at least a 'teenage' Deinosuchus
>(sans  sneakers!), if not an adult.

In nearly all Late K deposits in North America, one gets multiple croc taxa
- Deinosuchus plus whatever else was there, including one or more derived
alligatoroids, some sort of Borealosuchus, and perhaps Leidyosuchus sensu
stricto.  Any of these might fall into the size range of a large adult
modern American alligator.  Would that also be within the range of your


Christopher Brochu

Department of Geology
Field Museum of Natural History
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