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Re: UCMP and archosaurs

At 4:37 PM -0000 2/3/98, LN Jeff wrote:

>     Having browsed Berkeley's somewhat confusing web site yesterday,
>could someone tell me if anyone is doing work up there on Mesozoic
>archosaurs beside Kevin Padian, Mark Goodwin, and John Hutchinson?  How
>about William Clemens, or is he mainly into Cenozoic mammals?

Sorry 'bout the somewhat confusion... tough site to keep manageable,
informative, and up-to-date at the same time. Anyway, Mesozoic archosaurs
are also of interest to Tom Stidham (origin and diversification of major
modern bird clades) and Dr. J. Howard Hutchison (no relation; he likes
crocs as well as turtles and moles). Dr. Clemens is a major mammal
afficionado, but his broader interest is in the pattern of faunal change
before and after the K-T boundary. He secretly loves dinosaurs. OK, maybe
I'm making that part up. He's certainly not afraid of them. Dr. Ryosuke
Motani works on Mesozoic archosaurs if you buy a recent phylogeny that
places ichthyosaurs there (well, Archosauromorpha); otherwise he doesn't.
James Parham loves turtles more than anyone alive, I think, but they're not
archosaurs by any strech. Dr. Greg Erickson has received his Ph.D. and
moved on to studying mudskippers at Stanford, but still loves crocs and
other archosaurs. That pretty well covers all the bases.

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