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Pronounciations (was: Re: "Beyond T-Rex")

At 09:30 AM 2/3/98 -0500, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
>Rodolfo Coria, who co-named the beast with Leonardo Salgado, prefers the
>pronounciation used: Ji-ga-No-to-Saur-us.  In any case, the "n" HAS to go
>with the "o", rather than at the end of a "gan" syllable.  Otherwise, the
>middle word element of the name, "noto-" (for "southern") would be lost.

Thank you, this clears things up for me -- It isn't "Gigantic" + "saurus", but
rather "Giga" (as in "Gigabyte") + "noto" + "saurus".

While we're on the subject of pronounciations, perhaps you could clear up
some others for me:

-- Is _Compsognathus_ pronounced "Comp-so-NATH-us" like I've been since
   I was 6, or is it "Comp-SOG-nath-us" as in _The Lost World_?  And does
   the same apply to _Cynognathus_?

-- Is the first "O" in _Velociraptor_ long or short?

-- Is the "G" in _Amargasaurus_ soft or hard?

-- Is the prefered prounciation of _Deinonychus_ "Di-no-NY-kus" or

-- Is "Pareiasaur" pronounced with an "E" or "I" sound?  (And for that
   matter, is this the correct spelling, as I've seen it spelled about 27
   different ways.)

                                  -- Dave