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Re: Croc sizes (was Deinosuchus basics)

Seth Ellestad wrote:
> >Within the crown-group, there's Deinosuchus and, in the Tertiary,
> >Rhamphosuchus (a really big gavialoid) and Purussaurus (a giant caiman),
> >all of which were *probably* in the 30 to 40 foot range.
> >chris
> I heard somewhere (how's that for being scientific?) that the largest known
> Australian Saltwater Croccodiles were reported to be specimens just over
> 30' long.   I'm guessing that  those guys were a bit bigger than that?  And
> wasn't there another really big one that lived in Quatternary South
> America?
> Seth A. Ellestad.

The largest reliable length for Australian esturine crocs is in
the order of about 5.5 metres (and no I wont translate that into
feet - learn metric like everyone else!). There are some reported
sightings of much larger creatures but nothing really substantiated.
Since they have only become a protected species during this century
there aren't many of the really big ones about, and those that did
survive the days of hunting are probably exceptionally good at
avoiding humans. So perhaps there are some larger specimens about,
but they probably only represent the upper tail of the normal
distribution of adult sizes.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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