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Re: Avasaurus


    You are correct, I did mean _Brachyceratops_  (I probably was
cross-pollenating the name with that large Morroccan sauropod [known only
from footprints] - _Brevaparapus_ (I know I probably spelled that wrong
too - sorry - it's late)).

    I have seen the other ceratopsians, and I think that Jack felt they
really were unique species, rather than the series he originally thought.

        Allan Edels

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>In a message dated 98-02-02 02:20:02 EST, edels@email.msn.com writes:
><< Jack Horner claimed at one time that he had a whole series of
> _Breveceratops_ that included _Avaceratops_ as a juvenile member.  He has
> not come forward with any papers about this so-called series, and has not
> mentioned it in private conversations or public talks - for at least 4
> now. >>
>You mean _Brachyceratops_. Some of this material is now referred to
>_Einiosaurus_, some to _Achelousaurus_.