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Re: bloated

>From: ngear@gvtc.com

>In a discussion I've been having with T. A. Curtis, he gave me a 
>from Greg Paul's _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_ wherein Mr. (Dr.?) 
>estimates that T. rex could have consumed two tons of meat at one 


>My questions for anyone are:


I'll supplement these queries with the question: is there a modern 
analogy?  How much meat does a lion eat in one "sitting" as a percentage 
of its weight?  Are there large terrestrial carnivores that eat over one 
quarter of their body weight in one "meal"?  Or were theropods 
generally, or tyrannosaurids specifically, configured to carry so much 
weight around?  I thought tyrannosaurs were already a bit front-heavy.


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