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Re: bloated T. rex

>It would have waddled away from the carcass, found a cozy place, and
>digested its meal.
>I don't have the data on hand, but various predators can eat 15-30%
>of their own mass in a single sitting. 

It was nice to have the author himself respond on this.  Thank you.  Your
reply was a wee bit oblique to my questions, but you did correctly perceive
that one of my concerns was whether such a well-fed rex would be
mobility-impaired.  I gather from your use of the word 'waddled' that it
would have been.  This leaves me curious.  Would this mobility impairment--

1) have been due to outward displacement of the legs due to an increased
volume between?

2) have been due to having to rotate the thighs forward to keep the feet
under a forward-displaced center of gravity?  (Squat-walking, in other words.)

3) have made the well-fed rex vulnerable to other rexes?

I do know other predators can consume a large proportion of their body mass,
but I'm guessing that is not how you arrived at the figure for the rex.
Also it is my impression that such capacity depends, in part, on how well
supported the predator is (gulper fish being the most dramatic example of
this)--which is what prompted me to wonder if there might not be special
capacity limitations associated with rex's horizontally-cantilvered bipedal
body form.

I, of course, invite opinions and speculation from anyone on this.

Nicholas Wren