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Poor Jarno is having a devil of a time trying to get things to the
list...  I'm sorry, Jarno this still didn't work.  I fear I've been
wrong about the nature of the problem -- my current hypothesis is that
what listproc really doesn't like is the "demon" in your address.  I
have one more way to attempt a solution, but this message has been
going back and forth between you and me long enough.  I'm directing it
to the list in the hope that I won't have to see it again more than
once :-)

-- MR

------------------------------ following written by Jarno Peschier
I've sent the message below once before, but listproc doesn't seem 
to like my new email address, since it looks too much like a 
postmaster address. Then there was another problem and the 
message got bounded again. I hope this third (or is it the 
forth?) try succeeds... Damn program. I hope an update that cures 
all this will be there soon. In the meantime, this should get through 
to the list, I hope... (Thanks Mike!)

>[...] Of course, _Spinosaurus_, _Irritator_ and
>_Angaturama_ all lack serrations on their teeth: one of several
>weak characters supporting an affinity between them.

Since _Baryonyx_ is suspected by some to be related to _Spinosaurus_
and _Irritator_ (right?), does it also lack serrations on its teeth,
then? Or is this possible relation based on other characters?

Jarno Peschier, who has recently changed his email address!
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