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obligate scavengers - Cataglyphis ants

I wrote that:

>There is a genus of ant which lives in at least one African desert (this is 
>as precise as I can remember), which feeds on other insects which get caught 
>out in the sun and overcome by the heat... 
>popular entomology book The Thermal Warriors explains the ecology of these 
>insects, and I'll refer to it when I get home tonight.  If nobody pre-empts 
>me, I'll give you the name tomorrow. 

Right.  According to the book there are at least two Cataglyphis spp. in the 
western Sahara which during the summer at least feed almost entirely on 
other insects which have been heat-killed.  If you want to know more, I can 
quote various interesting details and I might look up a few refs.

                                                                Bill Adlam