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In a message dated 98-02-04 01:47:16 EST, dannj@alphalink.com.au writes:

<< Perhaps the hadrosaur was asleep and the Tyrannosaur mistook it for
 being dead. When the carcass screamed the Tyrannosaur realised
 its mistake, let go, and went off to search for something really
 dead, leaving the Edmontosaur still alive. Hey, it's no sillier
 or more extreme than some of the arguements in the bird-dinosaur
 debate! >>

Hi Dann! I have a question about your scenario: Assuming that T. rex's
binocular vision and sense of smell was good enough for him to be able to
distinguish the basics of anatomy, wouldn't he rather want to bite the
"sleeping" Edmontosaurus' neck rather than the tail? I think that makes sense.
I think he'd rather bite his neck.
  Now my scenario: The T. rex was chasing the Edmontosaurus in a hunting
pursuit. In an effort to trip the Edmontosaurus, the T. rex cocks his head to
bite the neural spines part of his tail, and slows way down. The tough
Edmontosaurus puts up a struggle and manages to trip the T. rex, maybe by
swinging his stiff tail. The T. rex, now losing his balance, tries in vain to
stay up by biting down harder on the spines. The spines snap off, and the T.
rex comes tumbling down. He watches in humiliation as his would-be-prey gets
  IMHO, that's a better scenario.
  Have a nice day!