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Paul Willis' 2/7/98 2:04 AM posting Re. Re. Re. Deinosuchus, etc.

Paul, you're only showing your ego (I could use another three-letter word.) and I'm sure others on this net are as tired of it as am I, so this note is my last concerning this matter (in this context), regardless of what feces you, like some disgruntled ape, throw at me, via the net or otherwise. Any further messages from you will be deleted and not read, so please spare others the drudgery.

You pretend to worry that a 'hack' (whatever that is in your mind) might actually think that an additional Deinosuchus has been documented just by my reporting the honest reaction of a couple of scientists to a mere footprint. Get a life!

By the way, not that you own it to me, but I still wonder from just what institution your croc Ph.D. was received? Your claim, Paul, of a croc Ph.D. seems somehow appropriate to you, but I still wonder just what institution of higher learning grants croc Ph.D.s. Maybe you meant to say that crocs were the topic of your Ph.D. thesis. From your scatalogical vocabulary, however, I presume you must have earned an additional and post-doctoral degree in bar-room B.S.

You are obnoxious, calling someone you do not know "Mickey". I don't know what 'Mickey' means to you, but coming from you, it must be a put-down. People like you live to get their 'cookies' by trying to put others down. That seems to be the only thing that makes you think you feel good.

Have fun, 'Joey' . (I learned the name game from you.)

Ray Stanford