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Re: Paul Willis' 2/7/98 2:04 AM posting Re. Re. Re. Deinosuchus, etc.

>  You are obnoxious, calling someone you do not know "Mickey".  I don't know 
> what 'Mickey' means to you, but coming from you, it must be a put-down. 
> People like you live to get their 'cookies' by trying to put others down.  
> That seems to be the only thing that makes you think you feel good. 
>  Have fun, 'Joey' .  (I learned the name game from you.)
>  Ray Stanford

The above posting and previous are specific examples of why it is 
absolutely imperative for new list members to read the Dinosaur List 
guidelines and archives for a while before posting.  Mickey Rowe is of 
course the list owner, and invoking Mickey's name with a question is 
not yet a universal insult.  

As this is a list for the scientific discussion of dinosaurs, speculation
is best couched in the form of a question.  Also, as GSP said last
year, "If you are going to play with the big boys..."  

I am sure that Dr. Willis'  fossil crocodile publications, books, radio 
and television appearances are sufficient qualifications to speak as an
expert on this list.