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Re: Avasaurus


    Thank you for the correction - of course I did mean the suppossed
sauropod, since it really is only a trackway.  (My sources tell me that it
would have been around 150 feet long [45 meters] if it was a sauropod).

    Even with relatively common trackways, which we think are a particular
dinosaur, we still call by the trackway name, eg. 'grallator'.

    Allan Edels

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Date: Thursday, February 05, 1998 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: Avasaurus

>At 12:31 AM 2/4/98 -0500, Allan Edels wrote:
>>    You are correct, I did mean _Brachyceratops_  (I probably was
>>cross-pollenating the name with that large Morroccan sauropod [known only
>>from footprints] - _Brevaparapus_ (I know I probably spelled that wrong
>>too - sorry - it's late)).
>Need to check the spelling myself, but in any case there is NO sauropod
>called _Breviparapus_ (or whatever the correct one is).  This is the name
>a trackway, not an animal.  3000 different species of sauropod (if such
>existed) could make the same form of track, which would still be given the
>same name.  Ichnotaxa (track names) are the names of structures, not of
>organisms.  Different species of organism can potentially produce the same
>trackway type, and a single species of organism can produce different
>trackway types on different sorts of sediments, at different speeds, doing
>different things, etc.
>Put a different way, if someone were to dig up the bones of the
>_Breviparapus_ (sp?) track maker, those bones would not be given this name.
>They would be given their own name, one distinct, biological taxonomic
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