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Re: "plumed" serpents

Could someone define a term please:
Who are we talking about?
Also, exactly which "ancient dragons" had feathery wings? What culture?

(personally, except for Quetzcoatl, I've never heard of a "feathery
dragon" and it's doubtful whether old Quetz was considered a dragon.Wasn't
it a bird?" The one that lives in the Chrysler Building here in NY doesn't
look like a dragon.)


Ric Carter wrote:

> ----------
> > From: jseward123@aol.com
> >
> > Could it be that the ancients found fossils of Sinosauropteryx and
> > Sordes, labeled them as reptilian "dragons," and then concluded that
> > the fiber integument was feathers? Maybe this is too much of a
> > stretch, but it's intriguing that ancient dragons had feathers and
> > feathery wings instead of leathery bat wings.
> A way to test this hypothesis would be to search holy sites
> of ancient cultures, looking for dragonlike fossils that may
> have been worshipped.  Lacking such physical evidence, it'd
> be hard to evaluate your thesis.
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